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What's Incuded?
While the focus of vCIOs and vCTOs are a little different, they bring many similar services to the table. For example, vCIOs and vCTO provide:

  • Strategic Planning

  • Cybersecurity Plans

  • Disaster Recovery Plans

  • Privacy Policies

  • Regulatory and Framework Compliance (like PCI, SOX, HIPPA, NIST, COBIT)

  • Project Management (Long Term and Short Term)

  • Vendor Management

  • Staff Mentoring

  • And more...

virtual CTO (vCTO) Services

A vCTO will paint the technology picture that your customers use. vCTOs develop new and modify your existing technology to extend your business' reach to The Cloud and beyond!

virtual CIO(vCIO) Services

A vCIO will help you develop the technology, policies, and procedures that your corporate users will use to access, secure, and mine data.

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